Well, hello!IMG_0808

Nice to meet you! I’m Kasey, and this is my portfolio site.


the personal side of things

My friends tag me in all the corgi pictures on the internet. There are a lot of corgi pictures on the internet. I don’t mind.

art history

I began discovering my creative talents while attending Hackley School, and decided to make a career of my skills. I went on to start my Bachelor of Arts from The University of Tampa with a declared major in Advertising and Public Relations.

Some will pause here to ask, why not fine arts? I never wanted to be titled a “starving artist.” My first step in marketing was declaring my degree.

I never settle for anything less than the best and graduated Magna Cum Laude from UT in 2011. With top marks in all of my design classes for creative vision and corresponding research, I went on to take on the real world and a small stationery shop in Greenwich, Connecticut gave me a shot.

It was there that I discovered my love of paper, letterpress, and the personal relationships that come with being a part of a small business. I discovered a world I hadn’t considered before and I was passionate about my work. I freelanced in stationery and personal design for four years before starting my own design studio, revelry + heart.

I’ve taken my skillset into higher education where I’ve worked on marketing teams for Faculty Student Association at Stony Brook University and currently, the Department of Student Affairs at NC State University. I love the dynamic nature of working in higher education and being a part of students’ experience. I guess you could say I love helping people reach their goals. Still, it’s toe to toe with as much as I love corgis. šŸ™‚

what I love about marketing design

I love to form relationships with my clients and enjoy being part of the exceptional moments in their lives and business plans. By learning your dreams, ideas, and what motivates you, I’ve already done the brunt of the hard work. Once I know who you are, my job is simply to bring your personality to paper.


I’m multifaceted, as I think you have to be in order to be a creative professional in marketing. I’ve designed everything from strict branding infographics to colorful watercolor wedding invitations. PMS Color books or “A cool shade of blue-green,” I bring the information to life in every design through the desired look and feel of my clients.


Selecting the right medium starts with the marketing objectives of a project. What works for a teen app heavy demographic will not resonate with a 55+ market that prefers direct mail. It’s important to develop a marketing strategy that suits your audience. I’ve designed for print (poster, vinyl wraps, flyers, brochures, finite ad space, coupons, letterhead, direct mail) and also digital (web banner graphics, digital tv slides, touch screen interfaces). I’ve also worked in video and photography, with editing in both.


Having worked on both on a personal and corporate level, I’ve encountered tight deadlines, outspoken opinions, countless revisions, and consider them all a part of my responsibilities. I manage an average of 10 campaigns at any given time and have planned small meetings and large scale events with 5,000 attendees. Each campaign presents itself with its own range of challenges. Creating a plan to transform an ambiguous idea to a concrete platform with a targeted message is the goal of every project I embark on and I credit my best work back to the team that helped me develop it, from the passionate bride-to-be to the communications team on a state level.