Design Process

Identifying a space in the market for DIY couples who want personalized design.

In a digital-forward world, traditional wedding stationery has adapted to meet modern demands. While the artistry of stationery is still admired–couples seek a modern approach to telling their story and do not always have the budget for a full-service stationer.

Enter: Wild Wedding Stationery

Wedding event design is branding on a personal level. Weddings are typically the first expression of a couple’s merged style, and something I help them find as a modern stationery artist.

revelry + heart is built on the premise that couples don’t have to choose a pre-made design to set the tone for their wedding–we follow hearts, not trends. Themes are no longer personalized enough for the modern couple–their lives are intertwined more than a mutual love of a singular design style or hobby.

Through my own experience as a bride and years of experience in the industry, I found a gap in the market for wild stationery suites that were hyper-personalized. Featuring authentic experiences of each couple through places they visit, their favorite song, illustrations of their home, these landmarks in their relationship hold meaning for them, and communicate who they are at their core.

Without stating their names, the guests who receive these suites know instantly who they are from.

The Aesthetic

Wedding aesthetic packages push this idea to a new audience. While some couples have the budget for a personal artist, it’s not reasonable for everyone. I knew there was a way I could merge my experience in brand design into weddings and equip these couples with a unique visual expression.

Not all couples have the capacity for a wild creation from my universe, but I still want to hold space for them. If couples could go through the same questionnaire and interview experience as full-service clients, I can provide them with a digital library of assets instead of a finished suite, that they can use to create their own finished pieces.

Case study: J+S

As I see in most of my couples, these two had a varied array of interests. These two held a couple things close to their heart: their home, their dogs, and their love for clean, but fun, design.

I get to know couples by asking questions that help identify unique parts of them. They may not have a pattern they know they love, but by asking about their personal style or where they gravitate, I get a clearer picture of their *vibe*.

I discovered through J+S’s answers (and an interview/tour of their home/meet and greet of their pups) that they valued clean minimalism but also wanted something kitchy, colorful and fun. We landed on mimicking artwork in the direction of a Hanna-Barbera experience, highlighting mid-century modern through the lens of the eyes of someone like Rolee, their double-doodle pup.

Before illustrating, I researched the style of “The Jetsons” and revisited elements of J and S’s home (I took screenshots and asked for photos during the tour). I noticed parallels like exaggerated upright styles, bloated linework, and primary shapes that created more complex designs.

And of course, I had to get pictures of the Pups.

I began creating elements that they would be able to use for headers and type call outs. I was inspired by the linework and shape of their home furnishings and used colors their wedding planner provided.

It was important to me to keep the design clean as the palette was bold and colorful. I wanted it to be playful, but not childish.

J+S mentioned the mountains and ocean were important places in their story, so I created some patterns and line break elements that were inspired by these locations.

The stars of the show were their two pups. I drew them digitally from the portraits J and S provided and exaggerated their features to match the “Jetsons” style we landed on.

At the end of the experience, I delivered a full library of original elements for their stationery. A few variations of lockups of their names were provided to give them choice on different deliverables and the subsequent typefaces were identified and linked for purchase.

I guided J+S through the art process and equipped them to create stationery that fit their needs. Wedding aesthetic design is a niche that I am still exploring, but love that it provides a service that bridges the gap between full service personal artistry and create your own invitation design.

Since implementing the service, I’ve had multiple inquiries for the package, and am working on marketing it to DIY couples. This offer provides value for couples to work directly with me while also giving them the flexibility and freedom to purchase exactly what they need.

As a brand artist, it’s important to me to learn about who couples are to match their interests, values and style to a personalized visual expression that is one of kind.

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